Year Six Home Learning Weekly Plan – weeks beginning 6th and 13th July 2020


Well Year Six, you made it!!

We have finally reached the last two weeks of your time at Holy Trinity Primary School. I know things have turned out very differently this year and that we haven't been able to carry out many of our end-of-year-six plans and celebrations, but hopefully we will be able to have lots of fun when you are in school either this week (starting 6th July) or next week (starting 13th July). We have got some exciting things planned in for you (even though we will have to do everything at a safe distance from each other!)

During the days when you are not in school, you have got a mini project to complete - SPELLBOUND - where all the work and suggestions have a magical theme.

I have also added a few links to work or activities that you might want to complete over the summer holidays (if you get stuck for something to do).

I can't wait to see you all again - I've missed you!

Miss Harold

If you fancy an extra challenge Year 6 then why not enter Oldham Council's Creative Writing Competition


If you fancy an extra challenge over the next few weeks have a look at this year's 'Summer Reading Challenge' on the 'Let's Have Some Fun' page.

You might also like to have a go at the Oldham Library Story Writing Competition:

"Help us celebrate this years Silly Squad Summer Reading Challenge by entering our very own silly stories writing competition. In 500-words or fewer, write a  story about a silly adventure to the library.  The sillier the better! The story must include these three things: a book; an animal of your choice; and a banana. We can’t wait to see what amazing adventures you come up with. Submit your entries by emailing them to by Tuesday 30 June. When submitting your entries please provide your name, age and school, as well as contact details. The winners will have their stories read live on Oldham Libraries Facebook page."

Year Six Home Learning Weekly Plan – week beginning 29th June 2020

Hello Year Six :-)

Welcome to the next week of home-learning!

This week you will have Maths as usual, but instead of Literacy, you will have a tasty little project to complete – all about CHOCOLATE!!!

On July 7th 2020 it is World Chocolate Day, so I thought we could prepare for it in advance (and maybe indulge in one of the world’s favourite treats as we go along – you deserve it!) Whether it is chocolate milk, hot chocolate, a chocolate bar, chocolate cake or chocolate brownies that you prefer, this project is for you!

Class Six Home Learning Weekly Timetable (in order to click on web-links, please download the document first):

Class Six Home Learning Activities Week Beginning 29.06.20 (please click on links below):

Monday - Project for the whole week:

Ancient Maya Hot Chocolate Recipe.pdf

Box of Chocolates Maths Investigations.pdf

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Speech Marks.pdf

Chocolate Bar Design.pdf

Chocolate Top Trumps Cards.pdf

Describing the Chocolate Factory.pdf

My Nan's Chocolate Cake Reading Comprehension.pdf

No Cook Tiffin Recipe.pdf

The History of Cadbury Lesson.pdf



Triangle Types.pdf



Properties of Quadrilaterals.pdf



Angles in a Triangles.pdf



Angles in a Quadrilateral.pdf 


Chocolate Science Experiment:

If you are looking for a little extra challenge this week, why not join Professor Brian Cox for a science lesson - all about chocolate! Watch this video first to find out all about the science behind heating and cooling chocolate:


Then watch Professor Cox set up for a chocolate science experiment with a class teacher - how could you amend what they do so that you can carry out your own experiment at home?


Now watch the experiment in action:


Finally, it's your turn to complete your own investigation in to the melting times of chocolate - use the sheet to help you set up and to record your prediction, results and conclusion. 


Year Six Home Learning Weekly Plan – Week beginning 22nd June 2020

Hello again Year Six! Welcome to another week of home-learning!

It was lovely to see so many of your smiling faces on the Zoom catch-up last week, and to hear everything that you have all been up to.

I really missed seeing those of you who couldn’t make it and hope you are all well, happy and keeping busy.

After listening to some of your suggestions, we are going to try something a little different as part of our Literacy work this week – you are all going to become fashion designers! You have a project to complete as part of the ‘Social Distancing Fashion Studios’ – this will involve some thinking, designing, making (if you want to) and some reading and writing work too.

Class Six Home Learning Weekly Timetable (in order to click on web-links, please download the document first):

Hello again Year Six!!

This week’s home-learning is going to be a little bit different. You will still have Maths lessons as usual, but instead of Literacy lessons, you will have tasks to complete that are based around transition to secondary school. Sadly, this year there won’t be any visits from your high school teachers, and there are unlikely to be transition days, where you get to spend time in your new school, so I have put together some lessons, activities and resources that will help prepare you for the exciting times ahead.  If you are going to Saddleworth School then you can also go on a virtual tour of your secondary school by clicking on the link below: 

There is also transition information available on the Saddleworth School website: 

I have contacted other high schools to see if they have any similar tours, videos or information available and I will post information from them as/when I receive it.

There is also useful information for parents in the document below:

**Top tips to support your child's move to secondary school.pdf**

If, after completing the work I have set you this week, you still have any questions about transition to high school, or you want to know more, please get in touch with the school you are going to.


If you’re looking for your next great read, click on the links below for some suggested books suitable for 10/11/12 year olds:

Class Six Home Learning Weekly Timetable (in order to click on web-links, please download the document first):

Class Six Home Learning Activities Week Beginning 15.06.20 (please click on links below):


Year Six Transition Week Lesson.pdf

CV Writing Instruction Sheet.pdf

CV Template.pdf



Hopes and Worries Worksheet.pdf

Transition Letter Planning Frame.pdf


Fractions to Decimals.pdf



Year Six Transition Booklet.pdf

***Remember that you don't have to complete all of the booklet, or do it in any particular order - you can dip in and out of it as and when you need to***

**If you aren't able to print out the booklet there are lots of sections that you can complete in your home-learning book or on paper, and there lots of valuable information that you can be read online without having to print anything out**


Adding Fractions.pdf



Subtracting Fractions.pdf



Adding and Subtracting Fractions Word Problems.pdf

Sadly Year Six, this is the week when we should all have been packing our bags, kissing our families goodbye and heading off to Robinwood together for some adrenaline-fuelled action and adventure. After all your hard work and dedication to learning this year, I am so upset and disappointed that Miss Smith, Mrs Cooper-Hobson and I are not able to throw you all (head-first?) into the piranha pool, watch eagerly as you giggle (scream?) your way down the giant zip-wire, or try to hold back our tears as you laugh at our attempts to catch the trapeze from the top of a 5 metre tower. Whilst I can’t offer to take you anywhere exciting this week, I have tried to make this week’s home-learning a little bit more fun than usual… 

…instead of daily Maths and English activities, your task this week is to design, cost out and create your own adventure-filled theme park! 

You can work on this task on your own, with people who are at home with you, or (if you get permission from your parents first!) you can even work on this project with some of your classmates via online group (video) chats – I know how much you are all missing your friends. Each day, there will be a different theme-park-based activity(ies) for you to complete – some days these will be Maths-based, some days these will be English-based, and some days there will be a combination of both. There will also be an ‘Extra Activity’ every day – you can choose to do this should you want something else to keep you busy/out of mischief.

Now go get designing and have fun!

Class Six Home Learning Weekly Timetable (in order to click on web-links, please download the document first):

Well Year Six, this is the week when, under normal circumstances, you would all be sitting your SATS tests. Some of you will be delighted and relieved that you don’t have to complete the tests, but there will be others amongst you who are a little bit disappointed that you don’t get to show everyone how hard you’ve worked this year, how much effort you’ve put into your learning since September and how much progress you have made. No matter how you may feel about being not taking part in the SATS tests this year, I want you to know how very proud of each and every one of you I am. You have all worked your socks off this year, and made fantastic progress. It has been an absolute pleasure to watch you rise to the responsibilities of Year Six and mature in to such kind, caring, responsible and accomplished young people – neither I, nor your families, need SATS tests to tell us how amazing you all are.

***Please check out our VE DAY 2020 page for lots of ideas and activities to help you celebrate the 75th anniversary of 'Victory in Europe Day' on Friday***


We hope you all had a fun-filled Easter break at home, with lots of time in the lovely sunshine and a few arts and crafts from our school website thrown in too. Below you'll find all the work for the week starting Monday 20th April - All of Key Stage Two have the same, week-long "Time Capsule" project to complete for Literacy, and lots of practical maths activities to keep you busy for the next five days.

Time Capsule Activity

Click on the link below to find everything you need to help you complete a Time Capsule for these historical times:

Practical Maths Ideas for the Week


There will be no new Maths, Literacy or Topic work posted here over the Easter holiday period

(Monday 6th April - Friday 17th April)

However, if you're looking for fun and creative activities to keep everyone at home busy or entertained over the next two weeks, please check out the pages below for lots of exciting ideas and inspiration:


* Easter Holiday Ideas & Activities

* Let's Have Some Fun!!

* Useful Websites for Parents

Class Six Home Learning Weekly Timetable: