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***Thursday 18th June - 11am - Duchess of Cambridge to lead an online assembly on mental well-being among children***

Tomorrow ( Thursday 18th June) the Duchess of Cambridge will lead an online assembly for the Oak National Academy during which she will speak about the importance of mental well-being among children. The theme of the Duchess’ assembly is ‘spread a little kindness’ and is based on a lesson plan which is available on the Mentally Healthy Schools platform. This platform was developed in collaboration with children’s mental health charity Place2Be and encourages children to explore ways in which they can show kindness and recognise the benefits of kindness to others.

The Mentally Healthy Schools platform can be accessed here:

The assembly will be live on the Oak National Academy website at 11am on Thursday 18 June and can be accessed here:

Resources to boost your child's wellbeing during the Covid-19 lockdown

During the Covid-19 lockdown, we're all feeling less secure and missing our usual routines. But just as doing exercise improves physical health, you and your child can do activities to boost their mental health.

These activities are based on our Skills for Life programmes. Use them to help your child find healthy ways to deal with their feelings and reactions to the Covid-19 situation. 
Our Activities:

  • Take around 10 minutes to complete and can be downloaded or done with pen and paper
  • Cover the following themes: Feelings, staying connected, dealing with change, getting along, dealing with worries and relaxing
  • Designed for children aged five to nine but can be adapted for younger or older children
  • Include instructions for adults to complete the activities with children



The National Literacy Trust

In response to school closures across the UK, the National Literacy Trust has launched a free comprehensive online zone for parents seeking ideas and guidance for activities that will engage their children at home, whilst also benefiting their reading, writing and language development:

The Maths Factor

Carol Vorderman's "The Maths Factor" website is currently FREE for everyone (usually about £2 per week) to support childrens’ continued learning at home for the duration of the UK Schools closure period.

Practise reading at home

Help your young child learn to read, and love to read, with the Oxford Owl eBook library, containing over 100 free eBooks. The eBooks have been developed for children aged 3–11, to teach them to read using phonics.

As well as much-loved characters such as Biff, Chip and Kipper and Winnie the Witch, you’ll also find some great non-fiction eBooks to help your child explore their world:

Autism Awareness Week

Monday 30 March until Sunday 5 April - is World Autism Awareness Week. With children currently at home, this might be a great opportunity to share this Literacy Shed introduction to autism with them. The short video aims to raise awareness among young non-autistic audiences, to stimulate understanding and tolerance in future generations. It is intended to be viewed, discussed and shared widely by anyone but especially teachers and parents.

BBC Sounds Audio Books

The BBC Sounds website has a good selection of audible books for children in the "Classic and Period" section of their "Drama" collections - there are some great novels, podcasts and music collections for adults too (just in case you want something good to listen to as you're working from home):


Categories section on BBC Sounds website