VE DAY 2020

In May 1945 Germany finally surrendered to the Allies forces (which included Britain) and, after six long years of fighting, the Second World War finally came to an end in Europe.

The 8th of May was declared a public holiday to celebrate the war ending, and millions of people up and down the country greeted the news with bonfires, bunting, parades and parties. There was laughing,singing and dancing in every street!

This year it is 75 years since VICTORY IN EUROPE DAY (or VE Day for short) and it was decided that Britain would have another public holiday on Friday the 8th of May to remember and celebrate the end of World War Two.

Sadly, there will be no street parties, parades or gatherings this time because of the Coronovirus, but that doesn't mean you can't have a great time decorating your house, garden or classroom, and celebrating with your family. You'll find lots of ideas to keep you busy, help you celebrate, and make the festivities fun below.


Here are a few VE Day crafts you could make, to help decorate your house on Friday, and there's some 1940s style party games, dance moves, recipes and drinks you could try out too: