2019 School Results 

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Holy Trinity is committed to providing the best possible opportunities for all our chidren regardless of their circumstances.  In 2016/17 the school was allocated £24,180 in pupil premium.  The funding includes pupil premium for children who are post looked after and Early years pupils.


This was used to fund the following

  • Learning and nurture mentor

  • Individual, paired and group intervention groups for maths, reading, writing and social skills.

  • Providing instrumental lessons

  • Additional ICT resources such as laptops and Ipads

  • Paying for trips including residentials

  • Paying for uniform
  • Providing enrichment opportunities e.g. Birds of Prey assembly, choir events, sporting events

The impact of the funding has enabled the school to begin to close the academic gap between disadvantaged and other pupils.  This is reflected in the school data.

At Key Stage 2 our data shows that  the vast majority of disadvantaged pupils achieve expected.

At Key Stage 1 our data shows that our disadvantaged pupils make progress generally in line with all other pupils although pupil premium pupils who also have SEN make progress in line with other SEN pupils at the school but at a slower rate than all other pupils. 


In 2017/18 the school has been allocated £30,040  We will continue to highlight and address the needs of individual children who are eligible for pupil premium to ensure that their academic attainment and progress is inline with other pupils and that they have access to all aspects of school life including trips and residential.